The Benefits of Puppy Training

Welcoming a new puppy into your family is an exciting time. Wet nose boops, hot puppy breath kisses, cuddly little balls of joy that wiggle their little butts with excitement whenever you come home – what’s not to love, right?

But as any experienced pet parent will tell you, puppies require a lot of time and effort to train and mold them into well-behaved family members. That’s why hiring a professional puppy trainer is highly recommended.

While you can certainly train your puppy on your own, enrolling them in a puppy training class or hiring a private trainer can benefit you and your new furry friend. When shaping your puppy’s behavior, it will save you time, effort, and frustration.

Imagine the joy of welcoming a new puppy into your home, with the added delight of knowing they already have a basic understanding of commands and behaviors. Your furry friend will already have basic training, making your interactions more about bonding and less about correcting.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of puppy training for your new best friend and the advantages of hiring a professional trainer. Let’s dive in! 

Why Puppy Training is Essential

Puppies are like sponges; they absorb everything around them and quickly learn good and bad habits. As cute as it may seem at first, allowing your puppy to develop destructive behaviors can lead to severe issues in the future.

This is where training comes in.

Puppy training helps set boundaries and establishes the roles in your household – who’s in charge, what behavior is tolerated, and what isn’t. It also provides mental stimulation for puppies, keeping their minds active and engaged to prevent boredom behaviors like chewing or digging.

Here are the top 6 reasons we recommend puppy training for your new bundle of joy.

1.   A Lifelong Bond

Believe it or not, training helps create a stronger bond between you and your English Cream Golden puppy.

It establishes trust and mutual respect, making your relationship with your pup all the more loving and rewarding. As your puppy learns to respond to commands and behave appropriately, you’ll also learn their body language and cues, allowing for improved communication and a symbiotic relationship.

Training your puppy brings an unmatched level of companionship and joy. For instance, imagine taking peaceful, stress-free walks with your puppy because they’ve learned not to pull on the leash and to stay by your side. Or consider the satisfaction of playing a game of fetch, confident that your furry friend will immediately respond to your ‘come’ command, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind.

2.   Safety and Well-being

The risks of owning a poorly trained puppy are not to be underestimated.

Puppies that haven’t been adequately trained may not respond to basic commands, putting them in harm’s way. For example, they might run onto the street or get into something potentially dangerous when left unsupervised. We don’t like to think about it, but unfortunately, it’s an all too common occurrence for puppies without proper training.

Investing in proper training from the start can help prevent these scenarios and ensure your puppy’s safety and well-being.

Training your puppy also means you can confidently leave them alone in your home, knowing they won’t engage in destructive behavior. Coming home to a house that hasn’t been turned upside down by a mischievous pup adds to the joy and ease of pet ownership.

3.   Socialization and Confidence

Puppy training is an excellent opportunity to socialize your furry friend with other puppies and humans. This is crucial for their development, as it helps them learn how to interact with others appropriately.

In a controlled setting, your puppy will be exposed to different people, animals, and environments – all while under the supervision of a professional trainer. They’ll learn how to play nicely with others, greet

With proper training, socializing your puppy with other dogs and people becomes a delightful experience instead of a stressful one. A well-behaved pup can easily accompany you to public places, be it a bustling park or a quaint café, making for fun and memorable outings.

4.   Health and Longevity


A well-behaved dog means less stress.

Proper training can reduce stress levels and promote a healthier lifestyle for you and your pup.

A happy puppy is less likely to engage in destructive or unhealthy behaviors like excessive barking, chewing, or overeating.

By teaching your puppy to behave appropriately and respond to commands, you also ensure their safety in potentially dangerous situations.

For example, if your puppy understands the ‘leave it’ command, they’ll be less likely to eat something potentially harmful on a walk. This can prevent expensive vet visits and save you and your pup from unnecessary stress and worry.

5.   Public Acceptance

Let’s face it: not everyone is fond of dogs. Some people may even have a fear or allergy towards them.

Having a well-trained puppy means you can confidently take your furry friend out in public without causing discomfort or inconvenience to others. Their good behavior and obedience will make them welcome guests wherever they go, whether at a friend’s house or on a trip to the local pet-friendly café.

Keeping your dog under control is part of being a good pet parent, and it starts with proper training.

6.    Routine and Schedule

Training can help your puppy develop a routine and schedule, which is essential for their health and well-being.

And when you work with a professional puppy training provider like Majestic Manor Goldens, you’re in charge. Our expert staff develops a training routine based on the schedule you need. Do you and your partner work during the week? Let us know what time you leave and when you return, and we’ll schedule training sessions that mimic your routine.

By sticking to a consistent schedule, your puppy will learn when to eat, play, go for a walk, and sleep – leading to a happy and healthy life.

This level of customization will ensure your pet is ready to join your family and adapt to your lifestyle seamlessly.

Life with and Without Training: A Comparative Snapshot

A typical day with training:

To better understand the power of puppy training, it’s best to imagine life with and without it.

With training, you can expect your puppy to wake up in the morning, have breakfast, and go for a walk. They’ll efficiently respond to commands during the walk, making for a peaceful and enjoyable stroll. After some playtime, while you work from home, head to the office, or run errands, your pup will happily keep themselves entertained with toys and puzzles.

Once you return home, your well-trained pup will greet you politely at the door or stay calm while they wait for their food. Then, after dinner and another walk, your puppy will settle down for the night in their designated sleeping area without any fuss.

A typical day without training

Without training, you might wake up to a puppy that jumps on your bed, has gnawed through your shoes, or even had an accident on the carpet.

During the walk, they’ll pull on the leash, bark at every squirrel or passerby, and possibly even run off if not in a tight grip.

Left attended, with no rules or boundaries set, your puppy might chew on furniture legs or dig through your trash.

Life without training can be a continuous struggle of correcting bad behavior and dealing with the consequences, leading to a tense and unhappy household for you and your pup.

It’s About a Better Life Rather than Control

For some people, training their puppy may bring to mind a strict and rigid relationship with their pet. However, proper training is not about control or dominance; it’s about creating a meaningful and fulfilling life for you and your new best friend.

Through positive reinforcement techniques, you can shape your puppy into a well-behaved companion while building a loving bond based on trust and respect. By investing in puppy training, you’re investing in a happier and healthier life for your pup and yourself.

How to Get Started with Puppy Training

If you’re convinced and ready to give your puppy the best start in life, it’s time to start looking for a professional trainer.

And if you’re adopting a pet from Majestic Manor Goldens, getting started couldn’t be easier! We offer comprehensive puppy training services to help your pup develop into the well-mannered and confident dog you’ve always dreamed of.

We’ll send you photos and videos to show you their progress, along with helpful tips and advice to continue training at home.

Whether you’re a first-time pet owner or have had dogs, investing in proper training will only enhance your experience and bring more joy to your life with your furry friend. So don’t hesitate – start today and see the incredible transformation for yourself!

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