A 7-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Golden Retriever’s Ears

Golden Retrievers are quite a popular breed of dogs, known for their loyalty, obedience, and affectionate nature. They are also known for being one of the most high-maintenance pet breeds when grooming.

One important thing you can do to keep your Golden Retriever healthy and looking its best is to regularly clean their ears. After all, ear infections are quite common health problems in dogs. Here’s a guide on what to do:

1) Position Your Dog

Start by positioning your dog in a way that makes it quite easy for you to access its ears. If your dog is smaller, you can try to hold them in your lap. If they’re bigger, you can have them sit or stand next to you. Try to practice inspecting and cleaning the food to see if you’re in an optimal position to take a quick look inside your dog’s ears.

2) Hold the Ear Flap Back and Upwards

If you’re looking at your dog’s ear from the front, you’ll see that the ear flap is actually shaped like an upside-down “V.” You want to hold the ear flap up and back so that you can see inside the ear canal. Owners of golden retrievers should be able to see the ear canal, which is the small, tube-like passageway that leads to the eardrum.

3) Use a Room Temperature Ear Cleaner

If you’re going to use an ear cleaner on your pet, it’s recommended to make sure the bottle is at room temperature. Because if it’s too cold, it can cause pain for your dog. When you’ve got a product that is specifically designed for dogs, and it’s all ready, apply a few drops of the cleaner to the inside of your dog’s ear.

4) Massage the Base of the Ear

While applying the ear cleaner, gently massage the base of your dog’s ear. This will help to loosen the dirt, wax, and debris that is stuck inside the ear canal. Make sure that you do not go too far into the ear so that you don’t hurt your dog.

5) Remove Dirt and Debris from the Canal Top

After massaging the base of your dog’s ear, use a cotton ball or gauze to get rid of the dirt and debris from the top of the ear canal. Be sure to only go as far as you can see so that you do not hurt your dog.

6) Reinspect the Ear Carefully

After you have cleaned your golden retriever’s ear, it is important to reinspect the ear to make sure that all of the dirt and debris has been removed. If you see any dirt or debris remaining, repeat the previous steps until the ear is relatively clean.

7) Clean the Ear Cleaning Area for Any Residue

After you have finished cleaning your dog’s ear, it is important to clean the area that you used to clean your dog’s ear. This will help to remove any residual dirt or debris that may have leaked and been left behind.


It is important to clean your Golden Retriever’s ears on a regular basis to prevent infection and maintain their overall health. If you seem to notice your dog scratching their ears or shaking its head frequently, this could be a sign that they have an ear infection.

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