Yuki + Wes’ Ms. Lime

Yuki x Wes’ Ms. Lime is very sweet and playful. She is currently going through our two week Safety Training Program where she is learning the following –

Puppy Behaviors/Manners

  • Introduction to the crate
  • Beginning crate conditioning
  • Beginning Potty commands (on leash)
  • Started on a Potty Schedule
  • Beginning elimination of negative behaviors—biting, chewing, jumpingPuppy Commands/Training**Commands at this level are on leash and inside home with mild distractions
    • “Name” – this will get puppy’s attention and call them to yourself
    • “No” – for any unwanted behaviors
    • “Okay” – releases them from command
    • “Sit”
    • “Down” – lie down on the floor
    • “Let’s go”—INTRODUCTION to loose leash walking using mild distractions
    • “Wait”—to be released from inside crate–at the door**Please note: Each puppy is different and will demonstrate different degrees of knowledge with each command.