Guardian Program

We choose one of our 1st pick females to put in a home to live with their Guardian family. The Guardian Family is responsible for providing and keeping up all vaccinations, monthly preventions and any additional vet expenses. Monthly preventions, food and supplements must be approved by Majestic Manor Goldens (MMG).

Because guardian dogs are a reflection on MMG, all dogs must maintain proper grooming, excellent temperament, obedience manners and good social skills. Since dog will go to at least one show and also come to live at MMG during puppy raising, it is required that puppy is trained to be good in a crate, walk on a leash, basic commands and is exposed to different locations so when she does come to stay with us she is as comfortable as possible.

MMG training program is suggested for the puppy but nor required. We do offer discounted prices for our training program to guardian family. Guardian family is required to keep the female safe from dangers and must be kept on a short leash, not allowed to be around other males when in heat. Fenced yard is recommended but not required. MMG covers the costs of all health clearances & showing them for championships as well as all reproductive costs, however guardian family is responsible for getting them to the appointments for these. MMG will need her for a weekend to be shown for her championship.

Guardian family is welcome to attend the show, however they are not required to show them. It is possible for one of the family members to show the dog if previously discussed with Connie. Guardians are asked to take the dogs to any needed reproductive vet visits. At around day 35 days past breeding, female must be brought to MMG for an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. If pregnant, female must return on day 58 (from date bred) and stay until puppies are weaned at 6 weeks old. During the time of pregnancy, family is required to stay in contact with MMG, making sure to keep a healthy weight for the dog, providing pictures when asked.

After weaning, female will return back to the guardian home but must be available for families to see on Puppy Pick Day which is at 8 weeks from the day puppies are born. We preferred Yellow Dog Veterinary Clinic for primary care but can discuss other possibilities. Guardian family receives a bonus of $500 for at least 6 live puppies at 8 weeks & $1000 for 7+ live at 8 weeks after the litter is all sold. Following the required number of breedings, the female is spayed at the guardians expense and guardian becomes full owner for the lifetime of the dog. If the female doesn’t pass all clearances to the breeders expectations, female will be spayed at guardians expense and become fully owned by guardian.

Benefits of guardianship

  • You are getting a first pick puppy ($7500-9000) at no up front cost
  • The dog will be health tested at the breeder’s expense
  • Families are allowed to visit their female and her puppies
  • Families get to experience adorable puppies without the work
  • Monetary compensation for each litter
  • Once retired and spayed/neutered, full rights and ownership are transferred to you
  • Joy of knowing that your dog is changing lives all over the country
  • Becoming a part of the esteemed MMG Family
  • Guardian families and dogs hold an extra special place in our hearts!