Guardian Program

Thank you for your interest in our Guardian Program!

We’re so thankful for our Guardian Homes and we’re always in need of those interested in the program so that we can continue to breed amazing pets!

Guardians play a great role in our process, and it’s a scenario in which everybody (the dog, Majestic Manor Goldens, and the Guardian family) wins!

 As a Guardian Home, you are the permanent home for one of our breeding dogs while they are in our program. Once they are retired (spayed/neutered), full ownership transfers to the Guardian Family and you get to keep the dog forever!

How our Guardian Program Works:

  • The Guardian Family gets a first pick puppy ($7,500-$9,000) specially chosen by Majestic Manor Goldens.
  • The Guardian Family is fully responsible for the dog’s everyday care, feeding, grooming, training, exercise, and socialization.
    Majestic Manor Goldens covers the costs of all health clearances and showing the dog for championships, as well as reproductive costs (except transportation).
  • Guardian Families get to experience adorable puppies without the work and get monetary compensation for each litter!
  • Once the dog is retired and spayed/neutered, full AKC rights and ownership are transferred to the Guardian Family.

Why be a Guardian?

  • You get an incredible first pick English Cream Golden Retriever puppy!
  • You and your dog share a special place in our hearts and in the Majestic Manor Goldens family!
  • You experience the joy and beauty of puppy breeding and raising with none of the hassle or expense!
  • You’re part of a process that delivers love, licks, and loyalty to forever families and homes across the country!
  • You get a financial bonus for each litter and puppy that your Guardian dog produces!
  • We consider all of our puppy and dog owners as family, but when you become a guardian you are truly part of our team!


girl watching mother dog and her puppies feed

Requirements for Guardians:

  • The Guardian Family is required to keep the dog safe from dangers, on a short leash, and not around other males when in heat.
  • The Guardian Family is required to provide transportation for the dog to veterinary visits for breeding purposes, as well as to Majestic Manor Goldens for an ultrasound.
  • The Guardian Family is required to stay in contact with Majestic Manor Goldens during pregnancy, ensuring that the dog maintains a healthy weight and providing photos or videos when asked.
  • The Guardian Family must know that Majestic Manor Goldens will need the dog for a weekend to be shown for her championship. She will also be required to be brought to MMG 58 days following ovulation (breeding) and stay for at least 6 weeks while whelping and raising puppies. The dog must also be available during Puppy Go Home Day, generally 8 weeks from the day puppies are born.
  • The Guardian Family is required to provide basic training for the dog: crate training, leash training, basic commands, and exposure to different locations.

Recommendations for Guardian Homes:

  • The Majestic Manor training program is recommended, and discounted, but not required.
  • A fenced yard is recommended.
  • Guardian dogs are a reflection on Majestic Manor Golden, so they must maintain proper grooming, excellent temperament, obedience manners, and good social skills. 
girl watching mother dog and her puppies feed

Ready to be a Guardian?

Contact us today to apply or to get more information! We look forward to hearing from you.