Suerte Azul, son of Cashmere and Boyscout

Hello, I was given the name Mr. Navy by my Majestic Manor Golden (MMG) family.


I am now known as Suerte Azul. Suerte is “Luck” in English and Azul is “blue”. My mom selected my first name the day before I was born. My middle name is keeping me connected to the navy collar I wore home.

On November 20, 2014, while mom was preparing the Thanksgiving Turkey, my aunt wished her “Bueno Suerte”. “Suerte” was perfect for me because I was going to need “luck” to earn my brother’s, Pesos (9 yr old Boxer) and Tres (4 yr old American Golden), love and a spot on the couch.

Mom picked me up on January 16, 2015 at MMG. I was all by myself; my brother Mr Red had left with the family who had first choice on “boy dogs.” I tried to impress the family because I didn’t want to be left alone. I was very sad when Mr Red left me. Our sisters had been chosen in the morning. I was grumpy and tired. My mom was very anxious to meet me and came early. She waited until she couldn’t wait any longer and drove up to the MMG gate. I saw her first and told myself to play “hard to get”. I didn’t want her to see how scared I was and not take me home. Funny, she didn’t even hesitate picking me up and playing with me on the floor. Mom told me that I was going to love my brothers and she placed me in my new crate in the car and we drove away. I cried a bit, but fell asleep for the 3 hour trip home. Where was I going?

My first stop was to visit my human cousins and cousin Faline. The kids told me that if Faline loved me that she would make sure my brothers took care of me. Faline is real big and powerful looking. I was scared when I approached to say my first hello. Faline greeted me nicely and told me she loved me! Pesos and Tres were also pretty quick at allowing me into my new home. They let me have the big bed.

Suerte-Azul--first-year-3Potty training was mom’s first goal. When I was little, Tres always went outside with me. It snows alot here and sometimes I would disappear in the snow and Tres would panic because he couldn’t see me. He would run inside to get mom and she would have to help him. I love my brother Tres.

Mom wanted to crate train me because Pesos and Tres aren’t and she knew training was going to be part of my first year. I learned quickly how to escape my crate and by my second week at the house I was able to hang out with my brothers while mom was at work. Tres made sure that I went outside to go potty. Mom learned that I was very smart and had mastered the dog door quickly. I did have a few mistakes inside, but I was a puppy.
Mom enrolled me in an 8 week puppy socialization class 10 days after I got home. The puppies in the class were very loud. Some puppies didn’t have manners; they barked lots and while on leash would pulled their moms and dads. Mom let me play with others sometimes, but mostly we sat in the corner and she taught me touch, sit, down and stay. It was awesome because I learned when I heard a click, I got treats!

Suerte-Azul--first-year-4Mom did more research and found an 8 week puppy performance class. I attended both socialization and puppy performance class simultaneously. I learned so much in puppy performance class. There were three of us in the class and the instructor taught our moms how to teach us puppies all sorts of things. We learned the usual stuff, sit, stay, down, but most importantly we learned to lay on our mats and listen to our moms. Learning to make eye contact with my mom was very important and eye contact will keep me safe. Whenever I’m confused or not sure what to do…. I stop and look at mom for guidance. I also have learned words like ‘hit’ and ‘wrap’ which help with my agility class. I learned to get all four paws in a box to strengthen my stomach muscles; I ‘sit pretty’ which is hard to do being so big, but I’m told it also strengthens my stomach muscles; I walk fairly well on a leash; walk politely through the door and so much more. We loved the class so much we took 8 week Puppy Performance II. I’m playing with my first friend, Bruce, in the photograph.

AKC Puppy Star class was my next challenge. My instructor called me “Suerte Party Boy”. I passed the test, received a certificate and title. I have also attended “Unleashed classes” which reinforces my relationship with my mom, “Obedience” classes where mom and I practice to heel, sit, down, and stay. Sometimes mom messes up and I have to make us look good. Thank goodness I’m so handsome.

In August, mom enrolled me in Foundation Agility classes. I love it because I run from the tunnel to jumps, back to the table and get treats! I really don’t jump very high. The instructor told mom that we don’t want me getting hurt. I have to wait until my growth plates are complete and I’m fully grown. I can’t wait to go full force. I’ve been taking it easy for 4 months and still have 5 or 6 months of foundation classes until I can train for competition. Mom doesn’t care if I win, she just likes to see me happy. I love doing the weaves, but again, I only can do six a few times a class. The instructor is so gentle and treats me like I’m going to break. I’m so happy mom found the best instructors for me.

In October, mom took me to Basic Land Cadaver training. This human scent training is what mom has set as a goal for me. Mom did lots of searching to find the best training facility for scent. She told me that if I didn’t like the scent work we would stick to agility/obedience. I surprised mom because I did fairly well for my first time. I found the scent and was rewarded with treats. Mom and I have trained on our own, but mom wants to find a unique cue indicator for my find. We attended a “tricks class” so I could learn a cue indicator. This training is still a work in progress. Most cadaver dogs are two years old before they are certified. I am going to another class in February.

I also started training for the Canine Good Citizen title in October 2015. On Friday, the instructor told mom that I should be able to pass the test. I know mom is worried I might fail the test. I am perfect with all the other test skills, but I like to jump on people to say “hi.” Mom says I am not allowed to jump on anyone during the test. I can’t help it sometimes…I love people and dogs!! I take the test on December 4, 2015, wish me “luck”.


I am so happy Mr. Red went home with his family. Mom, Pesos and Tres are my family and I love them very much. I have lots more training in my future. Mom reminds me all the time “I am awesome”.

Contributed by Sara Lopez