Police Hunt For Suspect In Killing Of Sister

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She was quoted saying, “I want my son off the street, but I don’t just want him in jail. He deserves worse than that.” Erine told the Daily News in 2007 that she hoped to live long enough to see Andre arrested.

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  • Patricia Neverson was 39 years old at the time of her death, raised two children as a single parent and worked as a nursing administrator.
  • Ed Murray, who retired from the NYPD in 2014, spent 14 years tracking Everson through the U.S. and abroad.
  • By the time law enforcement officers arrived he had left the scene.
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Reports at the time say the body was found in a vacant lot at the corner of Cozine and Fountain avenues. According to the newspaper, Neverson’s mother, Erine Neverson, said her son deserved the death penalty for allegedly killing his sister. “The United States Marshals Service is extremely pleased to have a violent criminal, who murdered two women in New York, off the streets of Connecticut after 16 years on the run,” U.S. Marshal Brian Taylor, District of Connecticut said in a news release. At the time of murders, Neverson was on parole for attempted murder, assault and criminal possession of the firearm. A day after gunning down his sister, Neverson abducted his former girlfriend, who was found dead two days later, officials said.

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Patricia Neverson, who was killed at age 39, had always supported her brother. She brought his girlfriends to visit him during his five-year stint in prison on a 1992 attempted-murder rap, and let him move into her home when he got out of jail. Queens College basketball star Akim Neverson still looks over his shoulder for his mother’s income summary murderer, afraid that the ruthless fugitive will come out of the shadows to finish the job and kill him. Andre Neverson, now 54, was tracked to a house in Connecticut and taken into custody, the New York Daily News reported citing police sources. There’s no word on when Neverson will be brought back to New York to face a judge.

Andre Neverson is an accused killer who was on the run for 16 years. Investigators say he killed his sister and a former girlfriend in 2002.

In addition to murder, he faces charges for violating parole and illegally entering the country. News 12 tried to speak with Davis’ family about the arrest, but they did not respond. Marshals as a man with several aliases who had a long history of violence against women. He was deported at one point to his native Trinidad and Tobago but managed to illegally re-enter the U.S.

On Tuesday, Patricia Neverson’s son, Akim Neverson, told the New York Daily News that he hadn’t heard about his uncle’s arrest. At the time of both murders, he was paroled by the state of New York for attempted murder in the second degree, assault in the first degree and criminal possession of a firearm. The U.S. Marshals added him to its “15 Most Wanted” fugitives list in February 2004. Andre Neverson, 54, of Trinidad and Tobago, was arrested by U.S.

After the shooting of his sister and ex-girlfriend, Neverson was reportedly seen in November of 2002 after he climbed through the window of an ex-girlfriend with a gun wanting to see his daughter. By the time law enforcement officers arrived he had left the scene.

andre neverdon

Marshals and Bridgeport police on Ogden Street Tuesday afternoon after they learned he was hiding in a house there, officials said. He was living with a woman there, according to law enforcement sources, and may have been hiding in the neighborhood for a few years. Police accuse Neverson of then taking out his anger on an ex-girlfriend, 38-year-old Donna Davis.

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According to a 2002 article in the New York Times, Davis was working toward a master’s degree at the time and worked for Aetna U.S. Healthcare. The day after Patricia Neverson was killed, Andre Neverson allegedly picked Davis up at Audrey Cohen College in Queens. Neverson had reportedly loaned Patricia money to buy a home, but eventually wanted the house as repayment. Neverson is wanted for double homicide, parole violation and illegal entry into the US. Neverson has been profiled on various local news broadcasts and Americas Most Wanted 6 times.

andre neverdon

But he reportedly communicated with family members afterward. The New York Daily News spoke with friends close to the family in 2002. They told the newspaper that Neverson called his father, Denzil Humphrey, and told him that he would never see Patricia again. On September 3, 2018, police in Bridgeport, Connecticut had Neverson in custody. Police sources told the New York Daily News that Neverson was arrested on a reckless driving charge. But he gave officials a fake name, and he was quickly released on bail.

Neverson is accused of shooting his sister, Patricia Neverson, in the head and stomach in July 2002 after the two got into an argument about money. Police say the next day he abducted an ex-girlfriend, Donna Davis, 38. Her body was discovered two days later with a gunshot wound to the head by a man walking his dog, New York’s PIX 11 reported. Neverson’s mother Erine reportedly said at the time that her son deserved the death penalty.

He also uses the names Troy Henderson and Trey Michael Anderson, and served five years in prison for attempted murder after being arrested in 1992 for a shooting. ”We believe it was some kind of dispute regarding the financing of a house,” said Capt. Salvatore Magaddino, the major crimes captain for Brooklyn detectives. Mr. Neverson may have lent his sister money for a house, and she may not have been repaying him, Captain Magaddino said.

Neverson served a five-year prison sentence for attempted murder after he shot the uncle of another ex-girlfriend in 2002. Davis said if given the chance, he would tell the charming ex-con who wooed, then allegedly killed, his daughter that “he is a monster in human form.”

As a major case countless interviews have been done, and every lead has been followed with negative balance sheet results. Although sightings continue to be reported no new solid leads have been established.

Neverson Reportedly Called His Father And Reached Out To Davis Mother Following The Double Killing

Donna’s mother died in February but her family says they finally have a sense of peace. Ed Murray, who retired from the NYPD in 2014, spent 14 years tracking Everson through the U.S. and abroad. Police had plenty of pictures and videos but just couldn’t get him — until Tuesday. Murray, who has stayed in touch with active fugitive task force officers on the case, said, “I’m still numb and elated by everything that has happened.” Crime Time is your destination for true crime stories from around the world, breaking crime news, and information about Oxygen’s original true crime shows and documentaries. Sign up forOxygen Insiderfor all the best true crime content. The officers had received information he was hiding in a house and waited until they saw him leaving the home before apprehending him, a statement from the U.S.

Spokeo does not verify or evaluate each piece of data, and makes no warranties or guarantees about the information offered. 5 court search results for people named “Andre Neverdon” in the United States. After finding out that Neverson was hiding in a Bridgeport house, US Marshals from the Connecticut Violent Fugitive Task Force and officers of the Bridgeport Police Department monitored the home. Akim, who now works as a correction officer, was 17 years old when his mother was killed. The next day, Neverson allegedly abducted his ex-girlfriend, Donna Davis, from the Audrey Cohen College in Queens, where she was studying hospital administration.

The burly ex-con, who’d served time for attempted murder, allegedly shot Donna in the head, hours after killing his own sister, then essentially vanished. On July 8, 2002, Neverson allegedly murdered his sister, Patricia Neverson, 39, by shooting her in the head and stomach. He allegedly abducted Davis, a former girlfriend the next day. Marshals say in July 2002, Neverson was accused of shooting his 39-year-old sister in the head and neck. The next day, authorities believe Neverson abducted his ex-girlfriend. The New York Times reported her name as 34-year-old Donna Davis. Authorities say Davis’ body was found two days later with a gunshot wound to her head.

andre neverdon

On July 11, 2002, the NYPD found the body of Donna Davis, Neverson’s fiancée. The NYPD states that Ms. Davis broke off the relationship and that Neverson did not take that well. An investigation performed by the NYPD suggests she was kidnapped then shot to death. Neverson is the only New Yorker on the nationwide list of the Marshals top 15 most wanted fugitives. Marshals.Joint andre neverdon Regional fugitive task force, and has headed up the hunt for Neverson for ten years. The case is very much alive, with investigators traveling to Trinidad, publicizing the case there and tracking down countless leads in the United States and Canada. He went to his mom’s house to retrieve his uncle’s passport and personal papers after his mom refused to look for them.

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At the time of both murders, he had been paroled by the State of New York for attempted murder in the second degree, assault in the first degree and criminal possession of a firearm. Police accuse him of fatally shooting his sister, Patricia Neverson, 39, at her home in Crown Heights, during an argument over money on July 8, 2002. New York police believe their most elusive criminal fugitive, Trinidadian Andre Neverson, may be hiding out in Morvant and is being protected by criminal elements in the area or by a lover. Mr. Neverson may be armed and driving a van, a blue 1999 or 2000 Dodge Caravan with a temporary Ohio license plate in the rear window, the police said.

Six Years After Sister’s Murder, Trinidad National Remains

“I want to ask him how he could do that to his sister.” But she passed away in 2009 at age 74. Police also believe that after shooting his sister in the head and stomach Neverson abducted his former girlfriend, Donna Davis, 34, and shot her dead too. But she received a letter, apparently from Mr. Neverson, that raised investigators’ suspicions and ”concerns for her life and her safety,” Captain Magaddino said, referring to Ms. Davis. He said the letter was not a threat, but he would not say what had caused the concerns.

Marshals’ 15 most wanted fugitives was captured Wednesday — 16 years after he allegedly killed his sister and an ex-girlfriend in New York City. A man who is on the US Marshals’ 15 Most Wanted Fugitives list for allegedly killing his sister and an ex-girlfriend in New York City in 2002 has been captured in Connecticut. Four months later, Neverson reportedly used a handgun when he attempted to visit his daughter at the home of another ex-girlfriend, but fled the scene when the woman’s brother arrived. The police said yesterday that they were looking for a man suspected of killing his sister and then disappearing with his former girlfriend, whose life may be in danger. The U.S. Marshals added Neverson to “15 Most Wanted” fugitives list in 2004. Authorities previously described him as an “armed and dangerous” man who spoke several languages and wore wigs to disguise himself. “The United States Marshals Service is extremely pleased to have a violent criminal, who murdered two women in New York, off the streets of Connecticut after 16 years on the run,” said U.S.

The woman’s brother managed to scare off Neverson, and police were unable to find him. Marshals warned that Neverson is known to always carry a gun. He would keep his head shaved but was known to wear wigs and other disguises. The Trinidad and Tobago native had entered the U.S. illegally months after he was deported in 2000 for shooting his then-girlfriend’s uncle five times,PIX11reported. He had reportedly shot another girlfriend’s uncle five times in 2000, leading to the prison time, PIX 11 reported.

He is also wanted for parole violation and illegal entry into the United States. Andre Neverson, 54, had been on the run since July, 2002, when police said he killed ex-girlfriend Donna Davis, 38, and his 39-year-old sister Patricia Neverson in consecutive days. Neverson was seen again in November 2002 when he went to the home of another ex-girlfriend’s home to see his daughter. He eventually fled the house when the girlfriend’s brother interrupted him. Andre Neverson, 54, was arrested in the 2002 murders of his sister and former girlfriend.

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